Youth and Teens Training and Fitness Programs

Exploration (Ages 10-13)

Transitioning To Champion

Not unlike the ‘Discovery’ phase of the Athletic Revolution Developmental Model, ‘Exploration’ is based on young participants establishing ‘athletic intelligence’ through a carefully planned programming structure that allows them to learn and comprehend both simple and complex motor skills via explorative play. Unlike ‘Discovery’ however, ‘Exploration’ also includes an educational portion within which RAMP Coaches breakdown and instruct participants on specific aspects of exercise execution. This transitional phase allows young participants to bridge the gap from a play model of fitness to a more programmatic structured version.

Discovery (Ages 6-9)

Creating a Champion

The purpose of this phase is to introduce participants to a wide spectrum of non-specific exercise stimulus that aids in the natural development of coordination habits. RAMP Coaches utilize the principle of “Outcome-Based Coaching” which allows young participants to learn the physical skills of exercise through an experimental and self-discovery based means.