My daughter has been training in the Ramp program for over 2 years. Heath has developed her strength and stamina while helping to accelerate her as a top player in her Soccer Club. Ramp’s specialized focus training geared for her sport is helping her get to the next level. During this pandemic the Ramp program has been vital for her mentally as well. They’ve been creative and very cautious in providing a clean and healthy training environment outside in the fresh air. She looks forward to it rain or shine.


High School Program / Age 15

I have doing RAMP for almost 2 years and it has definitely helped me in many ways. I play softball in the fall and spring so in the winter and summer, I need something keep me in shape during the off seasons. But it also helps me when i an in season. Coach Heath arranges my workouts to help me with softball and what i do or how much i do of something depends on if I am in or out of season. I have been taught skills all the way from speed training and weightlifting to respect and sportsmanship. I love going to RAMP every week and so do my friends and other students.



Coach Heath has a gift for working with kids. My two children love RAMP because of the fun, yet safe learning environment that Heath creates. I’ve seen my boys grow in their confidence, get stronger and increase in their range of motion and agility. If you are thinking about signing your child up for RAMP don’t delay. Just do it! You won’t regret it.


High School Program / Age 15

RAMP has helped me to excel in my current sports. Coach Heath has taught me how to do exercises with the proper form so not to hurt myself while doing them. Heath is a great guy to work with. I enjoy training with him and I would recommend him to anyone that wants to excel as an athlete or just to get fit!



My three children joined the RAMP program with Heath Croll several years ago and work out with him continually throughout the year during their on and off seasons of sports. My boys tremendously enjoy the time that they spend with Heath during the week. He not only makes the workouts fun, but he genuinely cares and tries to improve each individual child’s athletic abilities. He always tells us how he considers it a “privilege” to work with our children. Over the years Coach Heath has made quite an impact on my children’s desires for physical fitness. He has taught them proper technique to avoid injury and showed them the importance of keeping fit for their improved health. My children actually look forward to training with him because of how fun he makes it! They look up to Heath as if he is a BIG BROTHER to them and we couldn’t be happier with him or the program. Thanks Coach Heath!


Youth Program / Age 12

Coach Heath is Awesome! We have been working with Coach Heath for many years and have seen a significant growth in our physical abilities.


Youth Program / Age 13

Ramp has helped me become stronger, more fit and active. I am strong enough to compete with all the guys at my school! I always look forward to coming and working with my coaches.


Youth Program / Age 12

Coach Heath is a Great Coach and is always happy! He is always motivating us to work harder but also has time for fun during the workout.