Youth and Teens Training and Fitness Programs

The rules of RAMP are to have fun, try your best, listen when the coaches are speaking, and respect others.

Youth: Ages 6-9

This program is all about introducing fitness to kids! We follow a play model of fitness to introduced an array of exercises and games specially designed to stimulate natural development and coordination. RAMP coaches allow young children to learn the physical skills of exercise through fun experiential learning and self-discovery. By incorporating activities such as obstacle courses, agility games, and jumping, we focus on movement-based games and drills to make exercise fun at a young age. Creating these positive habits at an early age is instrumental to developing lifelong healthy habits.

Teen: Ages 10-13

At this age, we begin transitioning youth into a more structured fitness program. We build on the principles of explorative play by incorporating exercises designed to develop both simple and complex motor skills. Youth are introduced strength training techniques with a special attention to form and positioning to ensure effectiveness and safety. We start with body weight movements and later begin to gradually incorporate weights. Speed drills are also included in the program to develop better coordination, body awareness and balance. As always, an emphasis on fun and self-development is the top priority!